In no particular order, some updates and thoughts:

– Halloween happened. It was delightful. Philomena fulfilled her Daddy’s girl status by doting a Batgirl costume. We also managed to make it through the day without her having a single piece of candy. I have a feeling next year we won’t be quite as fortunate.

Photographic evidence:

batgirl IMG_7758 IMG_7764 IMG_7773 IMG_7779 IMG_7783

– Update on the legging debacle: Based on comments on the blog and Facebook, I tried putting them in the dryer numerous times, but they still bunched up. Blah. However, many of you recommended Old Navy leggings. They are $14.50 online, but only $10 in the store. They are not perfect, but they are much better than my previous cheapos.

– How are you feeling about new fall TV shows? Even though life has been crazy, Ryan and I like our wind-down time some evenings, and so we often partake of a show here and there…although, admittedly, we are usually nodding off during it. I watch The Walking Dead with him, because I’m a good wife. It has well-written characters, and the world they have created is thoughtful and intriguing. That said, I just don’t think I can do the violence and gore anymore. Every week I proclaim, “this is the LAST one I’m ever watching!” [And then I go ahead and watch the next one the following week.] I am loving Parenthood again this season. Even though some of their story lines can be a bit off, the acting and characters are so good that I forgive weak plots. I had my major doubts about the series idea, but I give props to Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine Nine. There is nothing profound about it, but it is just good comedy. Honestly, I am surprised at how often I laugh out loud during an episode. Ryan really likes The Blacklist, and although I do appreciate James Spader immensely, the show just hasn’t caught me. Maybe it’s because the main character kind of annoys me, and I don’t feel anything for her.

– The internet has been good lately. This post by Jen Fulwiler is a couple years old, but someone linked to it on Facebook, and it’s what I needed to remember right now in this moment. Providence, much? And Haley addressed the struggle to see the day as just a bunch of things that need to be “accomplished” much more eloquently better than I ever could. It is so easy to want to get Mena down for nap or bedtime, so I can “get things done,” but over these past few weeks, I have really been trying to relish rocking her and singing to her. My little baby is becoming a big girl, which is beautiful, but it still pierces my heart.

– Speaking of my baby, I have a feeling her somewhat-obscure name is going to become a tad more prevalent when this movie comes out at the end of November.

Aaaand that’s all for now. Procrastination accomplished.


2 thoughts on “lately

  1. I, too, watch many shows just because Mark is watching them. Currently, Person of Interest, The Mentalist, Elementary and the Good Wife (I make fun of Mark for this one). We are connoisseurs of the finest television shows.

  2. I like the last picture of Ryan creeping up on Mena. And that’s pretty amazing about no candy.
    I really enjoy Parenthood, despite like you said, slight imprefections. The only other show I watch is Revenge. That’s about all we have time for anymore it seems.
    Mary – the Good Wife? Really? ;)
    Oh and I didn’t read the links you shared but what you said about taking time to just relish our babies instead of waiting for them to be asleep was a good reminder for me as I’ve been doing too much of that lately.

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