Hi. Glad you could stop by. Let’s cover the most important details first.

My husband: Ryan. He is a much holier, more grounded person than I am. This is why we are married.

Our little girl: Philomena. Born on Christmas Day 2011, she breaks open my heart to love in ways I never thought possible. This is why God allows me to be her Mama.


I can’t reveal their faces or names, but we have entered into the world of fostering, so there will be new babies on this blog now and again. Right now, we have an incredible, rambunctious one-year-old boy, “Baby J.”

IMG_3173 (1)

And this is me, Sarah. I like my coffee, black; my wine, red; my music, indie; my food, real; my passport, stamped; and my Church, Catholic.

[Don’t worry, this blog really isn’t unfiltered. That would be scary.]