superficial rant {fashion}

Okay, so I think it’s time to come up to the surface-level from my deepness on consumerism last week.

Let me be clear: this is not a fashion post. Trust me, I am not stylish enough to give you advice on what to wear. This is, however, a fashion rant.

[Shall I get up on my soapbox? Okay, good.]

The topic at hand: leggings.

Now, this is certainly not another treatise on how leggings are not pants. We all know that, unless you don’t ever get on the internet. In that case, you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

Let me be clear that I love love love leggings. They are extremely comfortable. Also, they are comfortable. And did I mention they are comfortable?

Oh no, my qualm with these spandex glories is twofold. First, I never can seem to find them long enough. Seriously, after like one wash of my “ankle length” beauties they shrink to cropped or capri length. [Nope, I don’t put them in the dryer. I’m not an idiot.] This problem leads me to a confession: last fall and winter, when my “baby” was already a year old, I wore my maternity leggings. I’m talking about the kind that has the full panel to cover the entire third-trimester belly, so now that the belly is no longer, they come up to my armpits. Why would I inflict such a disaster upon myself? Well, they actually reached my ankles. Imagine that.

And this length-situation is ridiculous, because I have extremely short legs. Like, I have to get every pair of pants I own hemmed, or I have to wear them with heels. I roll the legs of almost all my jeans. Most middle-schoolers have legs longer than mine.

That brings us to the second issue, which is the main point of this post. And this is “bunching.” I have legs that are very far from skinny, and yet, I always seem to get bunching around my knees and/or ankles. I see models with legs the width of angel-hair pasta and their leggings fit snugly. How, oh how, is this possible?

Case in point: Even though we’re keeping things pretty simple around here, financially-wise, I decided that I just couldn’t wear maternity leggings for another season. Also, logic tells me that the material and simplicity of leggings means that I should be able to find a decent pair for under $25. Am I asking too much? Apparently.

After hours of procrastinating my work google-ing legging recommendations, I saw a few bloggers highly recommend the Lauren Conrad brand at Kohl’s. [Incidentally, I am proud of LC’s success in comparison to all of her reality co-stars disastrous lives.] These leggings were not available online [my hermit-self’s preferred method of shopping], so I packed up the toddler and drove alllll the way across town to this pseudo-department store. They had my size in black. Of course I actually tried them on…and they were perfect! And cheap! I felt so smug in my “researched,” thrifty purchase.

That is, until I tried to wear them today. As soon as I put them on, I noticed how crazily they fit. Nevertheless, I wore them anyway, because it was literally 8:55, and we were going to 9:00 Mass. [I know I know…]

Would you like to see some pictures to prove my point? Yes? Your wish is my command.

Here is the whole outfit to get some perspective. Please note the classy pleather shoulders:

"Do you really want to stand in front of the vent?"- Ryan  "Is that actually the look you want to have on your face?" -Ryan

“Do you really want to stand in front of the vent?”- Ryan
“Is that actually the look you want to have on your face?” -Ryan

This has nothing to do with the point of this post, but I just really like my necklace. I got it for like $4 a few years ago, and every time I wear it, I mentally give myself a high five:


Okay, here is evidence of the bunching:

leggings 2

This is ridiculous, right?

Maybe I am too short? Maybe they are too cheap? Maybe my knees are oddly shaped?

I really have no idea the point of this tirade. There are significantly more pressing issues in the world and even in my own life, but if you can’t vent about a fashion atrocity on your own blog, then where can you do it?

So… Do any of you have long, non-bunching legging recommendations? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

[Meh, since this is technically What I Wore Sunday, I might as well link-up.]


20 thoughts on “superficial rant {fashion}

  1. You always have to wash them before wearing….I do dry mine! Buying a tad smaller may work…pr the only other option it to work out your legs so the pants stretch more…lol! Other than that I dont have much else for advise!!!

    May God bless you on your future legging journeys!!!

    Ps..Love the outfit! ;)

  2. I have some Style & Co. from Macy’s and a super cheap Juniors pair from Kohl’s (the So brand I think?) and they do bunch a little at the ankles/bottom but not higher up. If you really don’t end up liking that pair bring them back to Kohl’s with the receipt…they seriously let you return anything. JcPenney had pairs with a decent waistband for $15 a few weeks ago, but I haven’t tried them.

  3. Leggings are tricky. I think because they are spandex they just WANT to keep shrinking up, its the nature of the beast. Old Navy’s are $15, but you HAVE TO try them on. I have bought the same pair in the same size and one is normal and the other is capris pants. Also, buying a size up and shrinking them on purpose has worked too. Good luck with that! P.S. That necklace is perfect, child friendly AND awesome.

  4. My all time fav ones are (oddly) from Victoria’s Secret. (They’re actual leggings and not pajamas.) I’ve had one pair probably since our Lakemont Lounge days. I’ve since picked up a couple more over the years and they wash and wear just as well. (We both know my legs are more err…”athletic”, and I’ve never had the bunching issue.)

    In an effort not to wear my maternity leggings last fall, I bought a couple of the super cheap (like $5) leggings at Target. I can tell they aren’t as well made, but nevertheless, they wash (and dry) well and are ready for a second season.
    You actually might have more luck with thick opaque footless tights. (Hue are my favorite.) TJMaxx/Marshall’s usually have them for about $8. Good luck!

  5. I don’t know if we’re speaking about the same thing, because my leggings are all like “the kind I wore in the 90s minus the foot strap with side seams and all” but while I experience minimal bunching after tons of ground time with kids, they didn’t bunch or sag like the ones in the picture. I wash and dry mine and they are still ankle length. But I must reiterate, these are not the spandex-y ones, these are like knits. And they are from Walmart and Target. But again, I’m wearing them every day from October to February, so you can just do a leg check sometime and will probably say, “Yeah, I was thinking something less….what you’re doing there.”

  6. This post is very timely as I’ve been looking into finding a pair of leggings for the cold season instead of hose/tights – which I hate but hate having cold legs even more. I’ll be curious to see if you find any non-bunching legging anywhere.

  7. Just read this post at 3am…poor Charlotte’s having tummy troubles…and I’m dying. Hilarious! That bunching is out of control. Unfortunately I don’t have any legging recommendations, as I still wear my target maternity leggings because they are SO comfy. Haha! But if I do find a good pair, I promise, you’ll be the first to know!

  8. Hmm…none of our leggins bunch. And, we just have the cheap ones from Wal-Mart or Old Navy. I think a few are maybe from Newport News. And, we always wash them and dry them in the dryer. They don’t really seem to shrink either. One thing we do though is buy a size down (I think), so they are a smaller size than we typically wear. (by “we” I mean, my oldest daughter and I, since we wear the same size clothes…just didn’t want you to think that I’m one of those annoying people who refer to myself as the royal “we” LOL

  9. Old Navy carries longs, too, maybe that would help with the length thing.

    I do not own a pair of leggings, I have just been thinking about them though but I don’t know if I’d ever wear them. Dresses are hard for nursing, and when I wear skirts Kolbe likes to put his head under them. While we’re at Mass. You can see how this would be problematic. That and I hate being cold. And don’t trust my fashion sense. And over-analyze everything.

    Haha, but my main point was to say if you check Old Navy you can always get longs online (they don’t carry them in store).

  10. I gave up on knit leggings a long time ago! Since I don’t wear my leggings as pants but rather under a dress or skirt I prefer to wear footless tights. I tend to call them leggings but they are more like tights and fit very snug everywhere! I never have a problem with bunching at the ankles or knees. And they are still comfortable, but then again I’ve never had an issue with wearing tights or pantyhose. My favorite pair is George from Walmart. I love them!

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