hello, are you out there? it’s me: sarah

Let’s all agree upfront that people who blog very sporadically, then apologize at the beginning of every post for not blogging are just plain annoying.

Sorry for not writing for a while! [I never said I wasn’t annoying. Quite the contrary.]

Life has been seriously crazy. We bought a house, which among the back-and-forth price negotiations, repair negotiations, and the moving process itself, I have been one big ball of crazy. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I think stressful situations bring out the best in Ryan and the worst in me. He stays very calm, focused, and decisive, whereas I have complete break-downs about things like ceiling fans. This is no exaggeration. No one should shed as many tears and spend as much time researching online as I did. And let’s not even talk about paint colors. I have honestly blocked out most of the self-inflicted trauma from this endeavor.

Being the very sane people we are, two days after closing we went to Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding. The twelve-hours-each-way car ride with our (then) 8-month-old was not nearly as terrible as I anticipated. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was classy and a lot of fun. Good thing I took lots of pictures of the important details. Nope. Nada. However, my over-achieving sister made coordinating-but-not-perfectly-matching duds for the female cousins. Of this, pictures abound:

[It’s only been a month-and-a-half since the wedding, but man, Mena looks *so little*]

And before I show you this next picture, please understand that I am NOT pregnant, but for some reason this picture puts me at about 27 weeks. I couldn’t figure out why it looks this way, but Ryan and I re-created this picture in front of a mirror later on that day [vain much, Sarah?], and apparently the culprit is the angle at which I was holding the baby on my hip. Needless to say, I don’t pose like this anymore.

Anyway, after the trip is when we began the packing/furniture ordering/painting process. And this is when I just kind of lost it for about a month. Seriously. Even the mere thought of blogging made my heart race, so I gave it up for awhile. However, this morning while the 9-month (!!) babe took an epic nap, and as I was sipping ridiculously strong/amazing black coffee with left-over pumpkin bread and pumpkin spread [recipe forthcoming some day, I hope], I thought, “huh. blogging sounds like a good idea.”


So, the very moment I typed the above-paragraph, the baby woke up. I kid you not. It is now A WEEK later, and I am longing for that pumpkin bread again. I don’t know why I never finished this post. A few times this week when she was taking a good nap, I thought, “you know, I should blog.” Instead, I chose to undertake heroic acts like catching up on Parenthood[Can we talk about how amazing this season has been?! Even though I repeat to myself over and over again, “this is not real life, these are just actors” I still find myself tearing up with every episode! It’s ridiculous. And one of my fav things about this show is that lots of actors from Friday Night Lights make guest appearances. When Luke Cafferty showed up, I just about lost it with excitement. And, um, *Ray Ramano*? I’ve always been kind of “meh” about him, but he has been so incredible.]

Okay, so basically, the perfect storm of moving, Ryan’s demanding work and school schedule, a VERY active baby, and a Mommy who apparently doesn’t deal with stress very well, it’s been a tough couple months. And I hate complaining, because we are *so blessed.* Seriously. God has provided for us in ways unimaginable. Our family and friends have helped us out more than we could ever thank them.

I have about a million posts marinating in my head. Here’s hoping I get to one sometime in the next month.

In the meantime, I’m going to dump some of my (not so great) camera-phone pics up here. [I guess it’s not a “phone” anymore. More on that later.] Most of them I think I’ve put on instagram or Facebook. Sorry to bore you with the ‘peats. Also, I was having some formatting issues, but I just wanted to get this silly post up, so just deal. Thank you.

First meal in new house (Chipotle); Philomena exploring.

More exploring:

Making hotel bed very very safe for the youngin’:

Fell asleep on dance floor. Is Ryan singing or screaming?; paint angst:

Baby helping indecisive mother; generous sister:

I swear the walls aren’t *that* yellow (it’s the photo-filter), featuring a rare cameo of shorts on the old man:

These heads have made many appearances on the driveway of our new next-door-neighbors. Yes, we lock our doors at night. [Apparently, said neighbor is preparing to put her house on the market. Anyone out there want to live next to us? I’ll make you cookies.]

Best feature of the new house is a skinny mirror, downside is I now lack the motivation to exercise; oh yeah, I had a birthday and my sister made me a decadent mocha cake:

baby loved the balloons tied to her wrist; no idea the context of this pic:

Attempt #4 at this self-portrait. I decided to call it “artsy.” On our way to date night to see “Sleepwalk with Me.” It was a decent flick. Within the audience there was definitely a disproportionate amount of unnecessary scarves and statement glasses. I would expect nothing less from a “This American Life” crowd. We fit right in.

Mother-in-law loves me a lot:


First meal in new house. Sweet potato chicken pot pie. [Recipe forthcoming. Maybe.]

Bib o’ drool, no socks, missing one leg warmer. Hot mess.:

We’ve finally embraced the solid food bandwagon. Spaghetti is a fav:

This morning she fell and upper-lip swelled to three-times its normal size. Motherly guilt abounded:

p.s. Ryan posted the worst picture of me ever on his blog. I am sharing this as your little treat for making it this far.


a week of CSA in pictures: vol. 1

One of my intentions of this blog was to do a weekly feature, in which I described how we used our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. We are very blessed this year to have amazing, organic produce from Fiat Farm, owned by friends-of-friends, and I wanted to show how we used all these yummy (yet sometimes obscure) veggies.

However, I soon realized that this brilliant plan was sneakily similar to my weekly meal plans, so I 86-ed that idea.

Anyway…I thought I’d still give you a glimpse of our produce usage through [very poorly taken] pictures.

Monday: caprese salad, featuring yellow tomatoes and a simple bean soup featuring kale, swiss chard, and onions (along with some juliet tomatoes from our garden)

Tuesday: bulgar and feta stuffed yellow summer squash with red onionsgreen beans, sauteed with garlic and red pepper flakes

Friday: whole wheat spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and basil; sauteed zucchini and summer squash with garlic. [I took this picture halfway through the meal. We had my parents over, and when I realized I hadn’t yet captured this dinner, I shot out of my seat and proceeded to snap a picture. I tried to explain it was for my blog, but I still don’t think they understood, even though my dad has made two prominent appearances here. And I totally meant to include the lovely power cords in the background.]

Saturday: sauteed chicken breast (seasoned with a garam masala blend) with rice, topped with braised radishes. [I happen to love raw radishes, but I know they can have too strong of flavor for some people. I’d never attempted cooking them before, but wow, oh wow, these were simply delicious. The flavor had totally mellowed into something delectable.]

So, there you go. I titled this post “vol. 1” with the grand intention of doing this photo series again sometime. We’ll see if that actually happens.