meal plan: week of Sept. 16

I shall call this plan “the week of stuffed peppers and soup.”

Monday- basic stuffed peppers, with cucumber and mushroom soup from this book

Tuesday- zucchini chili from the freezer with cornbread

Wednesday- butternut squash and sausage soup

Thursday- family dinner

Friday- these quinoa stuffed peppers [we have a lot of bell peppers from the CSA]

Saturday- no clue.


meal plan: week of Dec. 3

Really, it’s December 3? Not to be cliche, but how did this happen? Did November even exist?

Monday- a frozen soup, rescued from the bowels of my freezer. I think I’m going to try a version of this hummus bread, but I’ll probably switch out for more whole wheat flour.

Tuesday- baked ziti (doubled to freeze for some new Mamas) with salad

Wednesday- family dinner

Thursday- Asian carrot soup and lettuce wraps (I very loosely follow Pioneer Woman’s recipe) And probably a special dessert for St. Nicholas Day.

Friday-  brie and cranberry sauce grilled sandwiches (using bread from Monday and frozen cranberry sauce), with salads or frozen green beans

Saturday- Chicken enchiladas with mexican rice. Monica recommended this recipe that I’ll use for inspiration, but I’ll probably do homemade mushroom soup.