meal plan: weeks of Jan 5-12; Jan 13-19

Hi! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I know I am going to need a little organizational push to get me back into gear once Ryan returns to work tomorrow. :(

I am even doing two weeks worth! A domestic goddess, I am.

Sunday- hummus, falafel, quinoa tabbouleh 

Monday- left-overs

Tuesday- meatloaf and sweet potato fries [note: I am going to attempt replacing the bread in the meatloaf with almond meal. I will let you know how it turns out.]

Wednesday– family plans [I think! If not, a soup from the freezer]

Thursday- family plans…we are celebrating Epiphany with my family, albeit a few days late

Friday- black bean soup and salad

Saturday- chana masala


Sunday- cheeseburger soup from the freezer

Monday- cabbage rolls

Tuesday- crockpot Asian beef with broccoli on the side

Wednesday- Family Dinner

Thursday- crockpot baked potato soup



2 thoughts on “meal plan: weeks of Jan 5-12; Jan 13-19

  1. Mmmm! That Chana Masala recipe is AWESOME! I made it this past summer when we had tomatoes coming out our ears and MAN it was good. I was just thinking about making it again! Also anxious to try that Quinoa Tabouleh recipe! We love Tabouleh around here, but I usually make it with bulgur!

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