a new look

Confession: I was thisclose to shutting down the blog for good. I actually googled, “how to keep all wordpress posts when you get rid of a blog.”

Why? Basically, 99% of the time this whole endeavor feels silly and self-involved. I really think there was a time in which I wrote things that were at least moderately entertaining or even a tad thoughtful. Anymore, it’s like, “uhhhh, here’s a recipe” [that could have been found easier via the google] or “uhhhh, here is an out-of-focus picture of Philomena” [that could have been seen on Instagram and/or Facebook a week previously] or “uhhh, how about I do a link-up” [in which about 100 bloggers all say pretty much the same thing.]

I would read other people’s blogs that are hilarious or interesting or deeply introspective or point to the Lord in a profound way. And I would think to myself, “dang, Sarah, you aren’t any of those things.”

However, with a little bit of prayer and a lot of thought I came to the realization that that kind of thinking is the worst type of self-involvement. You know? Like, I’m not going to try something, just because I’m not perfect. Instead, I shall go wallow in my mediocre party of one.

Wallowing is for wussies. Agreed?

I decided to go the opposite direction of taking down the blog, and instead I’ve given its appearance a tad of an update. I created a new banner, slightly changed the “about” page, and added a few menu choices. It’s not much, but it’s a start. So, if you’re reading this via Feedly or Bloglovin’, you might want to click on over to the actual website and let me know what you think.

Let’s be honest, this is still a pedestrian little blog. I’ll probably continue to be ramble-y and uninteresting at times. My pictures will never be professional.

Yet, I’m okay with all of that. Because this is real…and that’s all I can ask of myself.


5 thoughts on “a new look

  1. Sarah,
    First, I love the new look. Add I’m looking through it all I keep thinking, wow she’s so creative! It fun to see your creativity in action.
    Second, I’m glad you decided to keep blogging, as if your going it solely for my benefit. ;)
    I too have gone back and forth with blogging and struggle with the same feelings about it which you’ve put into words so well here. Ultimately, I keep coming back to it. Why? Because I’m addicted? Possibly. Or maybe there something more to it? I really can’t answer with definite sureness but, like you, I’ve decided to stop overthinking it and just go with it, hoping and praying it can serve God and others and if not, that He’ll take it away.
    Also, don’t worry about what me or others are doing. Just be yourself – filtered out not – that’s what we love you and your blog. :)

  2. P.S. The more I look at your new header image the more I see in it and like. The empty boots in the middle symbolize who you were (pre-marriage/pre-motherhood). However, though you may not be present in those “shoes” anymore, that life connects you to who are you now as a mother and as a married woman.

  3. Hey twin (yup, there’s a nickname that will only be resurrected when it is applicable)
    I love your random blog posts and can identify a lot with what you write about, which is why I always enjoy dropping by here. And to see that there are 3(!) new posts is like an early name day present. Just remember, we can’t all be as entertaining as marybighair. But what you bring to the table with your introspective chronicling is equally as nourishing. Love the new design.

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