7 Quick Takes…and Centenary Post

Hello, there. Linking up with Jen once again.

1. WordPress has informed me that this is my 100th blog post. You are free to celebrate with me by sending me some red wine, dark chocolate, or sweet potato fries. Thank you in advance.

2. A few weeks ago, Philomena and I braved the plane and flew to Canada for my good friend, Kathryn’s, wedding. [Well, we actually flew within America, and then drove over the border, because it’s cheaper that way.] I fretted for months about her airplane behavior, but like most of my anxieties, it was all for naught. She was seriously amazing. Her mother, on the other hand, maybe cried and had a bit of a tantrum when we missed our connecting flight on the way there. However, an impromptu visit from a friend [hi, Molly!] and a glass of Malbec made the unanticipated layover totally worth it.



I title this "stoned." Alternatively, "worst selfie EVER?"

I title this “stoned.” Alternatively, “worst selfie EVER?”

My few days in the land of maple syrup, hockey, poutine, and Tim Hortons [okay, I only partook of the last on that list] was honestly the best time I’ve had in a long while. I stayed with Kathryn’s family, and they were unbelievably hospitable and loving. And Mena warmed up to Kathryn, her brother Fr. Mark, and our other friend Amy soooo much that it just delighted me.

She insisted Kathryn read to her, NOT her Mommy.

She insisted Kathryn (NOT her Mommy) read to her.

And the wedding was seriously beautiful. Kathryn is just one of those friends, you know? One of those people who is just so amazing, so giving, so beautiful that you want her happiness even over your own. I know this sounds sappy, but it’s true. It meant the world to be able to see her walk down that aisle. And she was hands-down the most stunning bride I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous brides. But, sorry everyone else [including myself], she wins.

A horrible ipod picture:

kathryn and us

Btw, Amy came 36! weeks! pregnant. She basically had to sneak on the plane.

On our way back to the airport the next day, we stopped at Niagra Falls. The morning light was beautiful, but horrendous for taking pictures, but this one turned out well, didn’t it?



And some more gems:

niagra 1 niagra 3

[Alright #2 wasn’t very quick, so I’ll make up for it with the rest of these.]

3. Lately, I’ve been trying not to drink coffee [I KNOW…]. To assuage this terror, I’ve been switching to a cup of tea in the afternoon. The other day I was craving something a little more of a treat, so I tried this iced chai recipe. It was faaaaaantastic.

4. Philomena’s vocabulary is definitely expanding. And as any parent-of-a-toddler knows, some of her words don’t sound exactly like the correct origins of said words. The funniest, however, is that Philomena very consistently calls herself, “p-sss.” [Actually, it sounds like “piss,” but I thought that might be crude to type.] We don’t know exactly from where that came [it’s the same word she uses for “peas”- so maybe “P is for Philomena?”], but it is awesome nonetheless. I hope she calls herself piss for the rest of her life. Ha, not really.

5. Lest you think we’re all about base humor here, Mena has also taken up an affection for the rosary. It really warms my heart. She knows where we keep them, and she gives “Da Da” his, and “Ma Ma” hers, and “Psss” hers. Then, she goes and sits on the couch where we pray sometimes and insists that we sit next to her. We basically make it through about a decade, but it has been good for me to stop throughout my day and pray with her, especially at her initiative.

6. I could write an entire blog post on cleaning products [hey! maybe I will! Is that lame?], BUT one major issue I’ve always had is with the bathroom. In general, I tend toward more natural products, but the vinegar, baking soda, and/or BioKleen just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I broke down and bought some conventional cleaners, but the chemical smell would just make me so sick, and I could smell it for days.

So, I submitted to the years-long Pinterest trend of half vinegar/half blue Dawn in a spray bottle. And dang, those pins weren’t lying. It wasn’t magic necessarily, but it was the best solution I’ve found thus far. Before you remind me- yes, yes Dawn has copious amounts of chemicals in it, but! it doesn’t smell like chemicals, so we’ll just let this one slide, yes?

7. Philomena is 20 months old and JUST today I finally organized all of her clothes. Previously, my fancy method had been taking the items she outgrew, putting them in bags, and taking them over to my parent’s house. [Why clutter my own home when I can clutter someone else’s?] However, I brought them all back over, and my mom gave me a bunch of bins, and they are thus organized.


As I was doing all of this, all I could think about was how much I wanted to able to pull out these clothes again someday.  Well, here’s to hope and ardent prayer that this some day will arrive soon.


7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes…and Centenary Post

  1. Thanks for the blue dawn and vinegar tip. I hate chemicals, but I had a nasty bathroom and kitchen sink more. I’ve been so fed up I’ve been cleaning with bleach despite the overwhelming industrial stink. (also, glad I’m not alone on this)

    Praying for another little one for you :)

    • Yes, Elizabeth, it worked pretty well. I should have clarified that I let it sit for about two hours, then it took about two wipe-downs to get rid of all the suds. (It suds up quite a bit, because of the Dawn.)

  2. Yay for a good trip! I love Niagara Falls, it’s where I officially fell…in love with Steve.
    And yay for cleaning products that work (with minimal chemicals) and clothes organizing. I sort of feel your pain, we have all of Alaina’s clothes still just in case we’re blessed with another girl one day. I’m much more attached to her cute girly clothes than the boys’.

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