meal plan: week of Sept 9

[This post is for Mary and Tim. Live vicariously, Mary. Gag away, Tim.]

Monday- I think I am going to attempt some sort of tostada. Think beans and probably ground beef on baked corn tortillas with toppings. Yes?

Tuesday- Chicken sausage, veggies, and beans over polenta. [Inspiration here.]

Wednesday- Shepherd’s pie. [If I’m feeling fancy and sweet potatoes aren’t too expensive, I’ll do this one.]

Thursday- Chana Masala [I’ve made it before with mixed results, but I am going to try this recipe this time. We’ll see…]

Friday- We have plans that involve someone else providing dinner. Wahoo!

Saturday- My birthday! I don’t know what we’ll be doing [Ryan says it’s a surprise, which means he hasn’t figured it out yet.], but all I know is that it will not involve my cooking.


2 thoughts on “meal plan: week of Sept 9

  1. 100 Days of Real Food has a good springboard for a chicken tostada recipe. We are actually having them tonight. Anything that involves putting the chicken in the crock put and then shredding it later is a winner in my book.

    Michael Symon (Iron Chef, Symon’s Suppers) has a great shepherds pie recipe that we (modify a bit and) like.

  2. It all sounds fabulous. There’s no kelp so Tim should be fine, right?
    And in case I forget, since I probably will, happy birthday! I hope Ryan has a great surprise in store for you that involves mouth-watering awesome food.

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