[I really need to STOP instagramming pictures with weird drawings and words on them. It’s like I’m an angsty pre-teen.]

Hi. It’s been awhile, I know.

And I don’t have any “real” excuses for not blogging. I have about five posts started in my drafts folder, but then, I don’t know, life just happens. It’s not as if I am extremely busy or have any pressing matters with which to attend. Nevertheless, over these past few weeks, it seems at the end of every day, I say something like, “I have no idea what I did today, but somehow I didn’t have even a moment of free time to even sit down and read blogs.”

This being unplugged hasn’t been purposeful this time. It just is.

So, anyway….I have a couple minutes, so I thought I’d give you faithful few readers some updates as of lately:

At the beginning of August my family [mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, nieces, nephew, Ryan, me, Philomena] took a nice little vacay to the lake. I lugged the camera down there, but I didn’t take a single picture on it. Instead, I just lazily read three “beach-reading”/ mind-candy-type books, whilst cousins and Grandma entertained the toddler. It was perfect.

However, I did manage to snap a few shots with the ipod on the boat. Proof that the trip actually happened:


Ryan and I had a little datenight on Friday, and it was delightful. Good food, wine flights for the both of us, and decadent chocolate for dessert. I know I posted this picture on the Facebook, but for blogging posterity:

date night

[See what I mean? If it wasn’t for the wrinkles on my face and the hair on Ryan’s, this picture *easily* could have been composed by a 14-year-old on her way to the mall with her boyfriend, driven by his parents.]

Ryan’s birthday was Sunday, but naturally, I didn’t take any actual pictures of him on the day. We had his family over, which is always nice. Ryan’s cousin has a little girl who is only a month younger than Mena. She is very high energy, and the excitement eventually was contagious for Philomena.

Ryan snapped some cute pictures of the two. I know they are blurry, but these girls were wild.


Alrighty, I better get going. Tomorrow I leave for another trip. It’s just me and Philomena this time. It’s her first time flying, and my first time flying with someone on my lap. I promise to take lots of pictures and share when we get back. [Let’s be honest, that probably won’t happen.]


One thought on “lately

  1. A fun update! I know I chide you ever so often but don’t feel bad about not blogging, it happens when it happens, even if that’s never.
    Those cousin pics are way cute. And I like the instagram doodle pictures! It’s like scrapbooking. :)
    Have a great trip!

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