meal plan: week of July 15

I’m back.


I hope you’re back too, even after the demise of the google reader.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week. Our oven has been having issues since June 5. Don’t you think that’s long enough to get back your deductible for service from your home warranty company? I certainly do. The people who come on the phone when asked “may I speak to your supervisor, please?” disagree. Anyway, so nothing baked here.

Monday- a big salad, with tex-mex inspiration (think: cumin chicken, lime, avocado, black beans)

Tuesday- blueberry curry chicken salad sandwiches

Wednesday- family dinner

Thursday- potstickers from the freezer [I use this recipe, but I subbed rice noodles for the tofu] and Asian Carrot Soup [recipe forthcoming…I hope]

Friday- TBD, based on the CSA loot for this week [probably some sort of veggie frittata]

We have plans both Saturday and Sunday, so yay!, no planning required.


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