meal plan: week of May 27

Back by popular [??] demand…

Monday I am going to be gone for dinner, so the husband shall fend for himself. He’ll probably thaw some soup from the freezer [an exciting Memorial Day, eh?].

Tuesday- I am going to attempt this quinoa and cabbage salad. I’ll probably double it, so I can have it for lunches throughout the week. Also, I think I am going to cook up a chicken breast and add it to the mix.

Wednesday- Family Dinner

Thursday- baked ziti from the freezer, with a salad

Friday- pizza

Saturday- plans outside the house

Sunday- some kind of lasagna. I cleaned out my pantry the other day and oddly found like three boxes of noodles. I might do a Mexican-ish lasagna: inspiration here and here and here.




3 thoughts on “meal plan: week of May 27

    • This salad was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good! A few changes:
      1. I added about two cooked chicken breasts. I really think that is needed for a “main” dish.
      2. I used green cabbage, instead of purple, because that’s what Aldi’s had.
      3. I kept the dressing on the side and added it. This was nice, because the salad lasted a few days, so it didn’t get soggy.
      4. I topped it with peanuts instead of cashews, because that is what my husband prefers.

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