7 Quick (?) Takes

I am in major procrastination mode…so, I want to take a long time with today’s post, but I probably shouldn’t…We’ll see which side of me wins.

1. It might be a sign of my immaturity, but for some reason this made me laugh a lot. [Stars are just like us!]

2. As did this. [You know I love me some Les Mis, but I chuckled nonetheless.]

3. Someone on Facebook pointed out that we graduated from college on this day 10 years ago (!!!!!!!). My immediate reaction was to feel old. Very old.

However, upon further reflection I was able to think about just all the amazing experiences God brought into my life in this time. A year of missionary work in Belize. Six years of teaching in Atlanta. Graduate school in both England and Denver. An epic walk across Spain.

And yet, He brought me back to where I started. To marry I man I kinda-knew. To have a baby. To buy a house 3.3 miles from the one where I grew up [no, I didn’t know that mileage off the top of my head. Thank you, Google Maps].

It has been a truly tremendous 10 years.

But, I still feel old.

4. As I [not dramatically at all] announced on Facebook, I decided not to return to my one-day-a-week teaching next year. Really, it was only half a day, so it’s not as if my weeks will change that drastically. I suppose what struck me most was the fact that I’ve been at the front of the classroom in some way or another for 10 years…so, the symbolism of not identifying myself as a “teacher” (in the strict sense) really hit me. Oh, I am sure I will return some day, somehow. And I’m still in the field of education and catechesis with my work I do from home [and I should be doing now, in fact].

Yet, it feels like an end of an era.

5. Not to get even more deep on y’all, but… As we all know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Remember to keep in your prayers all those women out there who struggle with infertility, who would so desperately want to celebrate this day. These couples have been on my heart so strongly these past couple years (especially in the months after our loss). I can’t say that I totally understand how their cross, but I can certainly offer my prayers and love.

6. Aaaaaand since we’re on the topic, let’s also keep in mind those singletons, who desire so fervently a family of their own, but for whatever reasons haven’t been able to find the right person. I was there for many years, so I can empathize. And it sucks. But, it’s also a time in which God can do great things (see #3 above).

7. Here is my fav picture from Instagram this week. Combining her two great loves: outside and books.

Mena porch swing

Go to CD for more quick takes.


3 thoughts on “7 Quick (?) Takes

  1. Thought I’d introduce myself since I started following you on Instagram. I know your sister from STA and your blog showed up in my FB feed one day. Since I’m a crazy blog-addict I added it to Reader. :) I had to comment since my husband and I did the Camino (the route from Porto, Portugal) 5 years ago. It was a life-changing experience and we loved (almost) every minute. Nice to meet you!

  2. Shhhh, don’t tell the kids (especially Luke) but I’m going to attempt to FINALLY comment! I feel like a terrible friend for not commenting sooner.
    Anyway, I liked this – I love your randomness – it’s what makes you, you.
    On # 3 – it’s amazing how much and how little can happen over a decade of our lives. It will be neat to reflect back upon this one we are in. I’m glad we’ve become better friends and I look forward to a deeper friendship as time goes on.
    On #5 and #6 – yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about these petitions also and have been keeping your family especially in our prayers. I’ve felt n the past – especially the early years when we were the only married ones – like ‘singles’ didn’t really understand ‘my’ life as a married woman and mother but more and more, I see it is *I* who do not understand their life and they are the ones who are feeling ‘excluded’ now. I’d like to work on doing better at being inclusive of everyone in all their vocations.
    # 1 – yes, stars are us in shinier clothes. #2 – still haven’t seen the original but this made me laugh anyway. I’m sure it’s been done already (no such thing as originality anymore) but it would be funny to video myself singing everything to my kids for a day…or maybe just for 10 minutes.

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