meal plan: week of May 6

I realized I never posted a meal plan last week. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. We just had Totino’s pizza every night.


[Or am I?]

Monday- A few weeks ago, my friend Mary made an amazing chicken curry soup. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I absolutely have to try it.

Tuesday- Spinach and ricotta lasagna. I will also try her recipe for homemade ricotta.

Wednesday- family dinner

Thursday- One of Ryan’s fav websites, art of manliness, is having a special “month of sandwiches.” He has been drooling over them the past few weeks, so I told him to pick one for us to make this week. He chose this. Yes, please.

Friday- Chickpea curry. [Inspiration here, with adjustments explained here.]

Saturday- TBD…Ryan has his last final of the semester this day, so I’ll definitely make something special.


One thought on “meal plan: week of May 6

  1. Thanks for the link on the sandwiches. I like to make our ‘sandwich’ special every now and then so that link has given me some good ideas. I said this on FB, but you guys would probably like Nancy’s Amazing Sandwich shop in Maize.

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