meal plan: week of April 22

For the three of you who care:

Monday- I didn’t get to the nachos last week, so that’ll be tonight. We’re even going to wait on our gluttonous treat until the babe is asleep… Even more, we’re going to eat the nachos whilst watching Mad Men and drinking. I am counting down the minutes to this adventure. [My standards for “adventure” are sadly low.]

Tuesday- veggie fried rice [Inspiration here]

Wednesday- hamburgers with sweet potato fries

Thursday- family dinner (!!!!!)

Friday- black bean soup, probably with spinach quesadillas

Saturday- some sort of nice lettuce salad with chicken on top…probably an Asian-inspired dressing.


5 thoughts on “meal plan: week of April 22

  1. We used to do that when we had just one. ENJOY!!!

    We like sweet potato fries around here a BUNCH! Ever dipped them in honey mustard? It is divine.

    Quesadillas are a fave around here with my knee-high bunch.

    • Mmmm….usually we do ketchup, but I *do* like honey mustard! Ryan is seriously in love with sweet potato fries. We have them almost weekly.

      What I love about quesadillas is that they are so versatile! If there’s just a little bit of meat left from something, you can throw that in with a lot of cheese…or in the summer when certain vegetables are abundant, we do a lot of summer squash and/or zucchini quesadillas.

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