meal plan: week of April 15

I promise a “real” post soon….or we can hope.

Monday- Asian carrot soup and lettuce wraps [both the soup and the wrap filling rescued from the freezer]

Tuesday- I didn’t get to the black bean and quinoa stuffed peppers last week, so we’ll try again this week.

Wednesday- family dinner [!!!!!!!!!]

Thursday- sesame chicken over brown rice

Friday- pizza…not sure what kind. Perhaps sweet potato? [Inspiration here.]

Saturday- nachos, but I’ll sub ground beef for the chicken, because we have a serious amount of ground beef in the freezer. I miiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhht make my own chips, if I’m in the mood to procrastinate another task.


4 thoughts on “meal plan: week of April 15

  1. The sesame chicken looks good. I have a honey chicken recipe I’ve always wondered about modifying into sesame. This looks great.

    I tagged the stuffed peppers last week and am wanting to try it sometime. We are huge stuffed pepper fans here, this looks like a nice variation!

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