meal plan: week of April 8

Everyone can take a collective sigh of relief now that you know what we’ll be eating this week.

Monday- spicy meatballs and rice with broccoli [inspiration here]

Tuesday- chicken and bean burrito bowls [think a lame version of Chipotle]…I might, MIGHT make homemade chips and guacamole, if I’m in a generous mood.

Wednesday- family dinner [so spoiled, I know]

Thursday- chicken pot pie with fruit

Friday- spinach quiche with homefries [is that how you spell it?] and fruit. I’ve actually never made homefries/home fries/home-fries before, oddly enough. So, that’ll be my google mission for the week.

Saturday- black bean and quinoa stuffed peppers [It’s one of our fav recipes. I’ll double the filling ingredients, because it freezes well.]


4 thoughts on “meal plan: week of April 8

  1. Penzey’s Forward makes home fries SPECTACULAR! A little smoky, a little spicy, a little sweet, it is the perfect spice blend. If you beg your big sis, I bet she will bring you some to family dinner.

  2. Yum, those meatballs look really good. I know you jest, but this series really does give me some inspiration in meal planning. And Marie, I’m very curious about Penzey’s Forward now.

    • Jackie, the meatballs were *really* good and *very* easy. Next time I think I’m going to double the recipe, because it seems like they will freeze well. I didn’t want to buy chipotles in adobo sauce, so I just used a half-teaspoon of chipotle powder. Delish.

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