meal plan: week of Feb. 4

Monday- curry-blueberry chicken salad sandwiches [recipe forthcoming] with sweet potato fries

Tuesday- lentil soup (this is an excellent, simple recipe- but I use plain ‘ol green lentils that don’t need to soak and cook much more quickly); I’m trying a new bread. I’ll let you know if it’s good.

Wednesday- family dinner [Amen, Hallelujah]

Thursday- pizza. I keep wanting to do a BBQ chicken one, but haven’t had the chance in a long time. And the second will involve some sort of goat cheese.

Friday- a simple spinach lasagna (perhaps with some mushrooms?)- inspiration here


5 thoughts on “meal plan: week of Feb. 4

    • Ha, it really isn’t that exotic. Although, I AM very blessed to have a husband who is willing to try different things. We often discuss how our tastes might have to be tempered once Mena is bigger.

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