7 Quick Takes from the Laziest Blogger in the History of the World

[And she’s also a bit hyperbolic.]


1. I haven’t done any blogging in quite awhile. Not even the easy of the easiest meal plans. Basically, I fall into this rut: “oh, I have this idea for a post!” Immediately followed by thoughts like: “ooooooor I could watch some White Collar [shameful, I know] on Netflix….or take a nap….or just zone out looking at clothes and shoes online.”

2. Zoning out for the win every. time.

3. Last week Ryan got pretty sick. Like, he even missed a few days of work. Thankfully, Philomena and I have been spared. I think this is primarily due to nursing [for her] and copious amounts of fruits and vegetables and vitamin C [for me]. I have been obsessively taking our temperatures throughout the day, because I am so paranoid of being “that mom” who infects everyone else, so if either of us even get close to 99.1, our already homebody lifestyle will become downright hermit.

4. My first Monday of teaching this semester I was pulled over and issued a $175 (!!!!!) ticket for “failure to maintain lanes” [I was doing my make-up and veered a bit onto the shoulder], then this Monday I was rear-ended in the Starbucks drive-through lane. This is why I rarely leave the house.

5. Ryan and I make great efforts not to watch TV around Philomena, so as not to encourage her to model our own predilection for such base forms of entertainment. Nevertheless, yesterday was just a rough day AND I discovered I was three episodes behind on Parenthood [how how how did this happen??] AND she took a very insufficient nap. Thus, I broke down and shamefully indulged myself for 42 minutes. However, our little lady is seriously obsessed with banging the keys on the computer [I wonder where she sees this all time time?], so no matter where I held/set the laptop, her sticky little phalanges would find their way to the keys. Finally, I came up with this solution:


Did it work? Nope. She still got to the laptop, but at least each time it would take her awhile, so I was able to keep up with the Bravermans in spurts.

6. Apparently my previous 7 Quick Takes had a misleading title, because many of you commented [mostly to my face, although a few of you bravely “really” commented] that you thought I was going to include a picture of my middle-school self. Oops. Sorry.

7. Never one to disappoint my loyals, you’re welcome:


I’m the hottie on the right. It really is shocking that I was never one of the cool kids.

And here is the requisite link to Jen.


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes from the Laziest Blogger in the History of the World

  1. I love reading your blog- especially these “lazy” quick takes.
    bummer about the the traffic ticket and rear ending.
    glad Ryan’ s feeling better. sorry if we passed anything on to you guys at the moment mtg, I didn’t realize Alaina and Luke were sick.
    I’ m glad you’re all caught up on parenthood, I was curious what you thought about last week’s show.
    lastly, I like your middle school pic (and Marie’ s).

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