Happy 1st Birthday, Philomena!

I fully intended to write this post yesterday, because I had an abundance of free time amidst Christmas celebrations on two sides of the family and hosting a birthday brunch and dealing with a sudden bout of sickness. Instead, I just sat around and did nothing with all those unoccupied milliseconds.

Perhaps I’ll follow up this post with details of said days, but for now, I just wanted to say: Happy birthday, my Philomena Rose.

Christmas has always been about allowing the humble God-made-man into our lives, but now it has also become a celebration of welcoming our own little in-His-image baby into our family.

In the days leading up to her birthday, I was having lots of flashbacks to labor and labor and labor and labor and delivery. Many women say, “oh, babies are so wonderful that you forget the pain of childbirth.” This is not true. Not true at all.

However, it is true that the joy of this moment…


…infinitely exceeds the hurt and fear of all the moments prior.

Some of our first pictures with her in the hospital sum up Ryan and my personalities perfectly.

“Do NOT take a picture of me until I’ve had a shower and put on a little make-up!” :


“I don’t want to clean up before getting my picture taken, so I can always remember the ‘realness’ of the moment.” :


Philomena, you bring more joy to our lives than I ever thought possible. You break open my very being to love in ways I never knew existed. I can’t wait for your happy, attention-loving, curious, affectionate, stubborn personality to develop even more.

Okay, enough of the verbal gushing. It doesn’t suit me. Instead, I’ll let some pictures of her over this year melt your hearts: [Note: pretty much 99% of these were taken by Ryan.]

collage 1 collage 2 collage 3 collage 4 collage 5 collage 6 collage 7

collage 8

“Again and again it astonishes us that God makes himself a child so that we may love him, so that we may dare to love him, and as a child trustingly lets himself be taken into our arms. It is as if God were saying: I know that my glory frightens you, and that you are trying to assert yourself in the face of my grandeur. So now I am coming to you as a child, so that you can accept me and love me.” – Pope Benedict XVI

p.s. Merry Christmas!


11 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Philomena!

  1. So wonderful.
    Made me get all sentimental about Gemma’s birth…almost five years ago. Holy cow. Reading your post somehow really made real to me how much has happened since I wrote a post like this 4 years ago when Gemma turned one and it was just her and us. Wow. Amazing what the years bring. God is good.

    Enjoy the ride, it is wonderful in spite of the moments that make you want to lose your mind. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family Sarah.

  2. Motherhood suites you well Sarah! Miss Philomena is such a joy to us all, we couldn’t be happier for you guys.
    And that quote made me, ole’ tear ducts of steel, tear up. Thank you for sharing!

  3. (ok this comment better not get erased, it would be the 3rd time!)
    congratulations! You made it to a year! I can’t say that it will be any easier from here on out, but I always feel like I can breathe just a wee bit easier after the first year. Mena is a joy, thank you and Ryan for sharing her with us.

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