7 Quick Takes, another Non-Themed Edition


Joining Jen to take 7 somewhat quickly.

1. This incident just occurred an hour ago, so the pain still stings. Those catechetics people out there will understand the tragedy:

Philomena and Catechism

The cover was barely hanging on, but it had made it through 10! years! – college, a year in Belize, 8 years of full-time teaching, countless retreats and talks and events, two post-graduate degrees. And now a little not-even-one-year-old tore my Catechism apart. Sigh.

At least she was cute while doing it.

New stage in life, eh?

2. Speaking of a new stage in life, I stumbled upon this oldie but goodie the other day, and I’ve returned to it many times throughout the week. [Related, if you’re not reading Carrots for Michaelmas, you need to be.] Honestly, the author had me at “Wendell Berry,” of course, but her insights are noteworthy too. I’ll admit that I can be susceptible to internal lies of “not contributing” (financially, especially) to our little family. I know Ryan is thankful for what I do each day, and he is relentless in reminding me of said gratitude, but I still sometimes have the inner-struggle of not “accomplishing” much from day to day. When meeting people for the first time, and they ask what I do, I find myself quick to follow up “I stay at home” with “oh! but I work part of one day a week too!” Ha. Yes, as the post echoes, I need not define “what I do” for the family as merely the few hours I work outside the home.

3. Tomorrow (December 16) is the one-year anniversary of Philomena’s due date. Oh, ha ha ha ha! Those hilarious “due dates.” As most of you know, she took her sweet time coming out and waited until early Christmas morning. That said, I keep having flashbacks to my major-preggo self, and I am soooooooo glad to be on this side of pregnancy.

4. Ryan finished yet another semester of working towards his second degree. These past few months have been tough, and I am seriously proud of him. Sometimes the reality that at this rate he has almost *five years* still to go can be overwhelming, but we’re just taking it a semester at a time. On the plus side, Philomena might be able to actually read his diploma by the time he receives it.

5. I know I keep bringing it up, but oh my, Parenthood once again provided many tearjerking moments this week. I don’t know what it is about this show this season, but it is by far my favorite thing on television right now. And Josh Ritter was great, but [I can’t believe I’m saying this!!] I’m looking forward to seeing more of Ray Ramano’s character. Although I’ll miss Luke Cafferty Ryan the soldier, I am proud of Amber for breaking the cycle of co-dependency.

6. My house still smells like onions, an awesome/gross reality. It reminds me of one time when hours after I cooked a delightful dinner, Ryan said our house smelled like “the international wing of a dorm.” Indeed.

7. I’ve been treating myself to homemade peppermint mochas lately. This morning I finally measured what I do, so I could share with you, dear readers.

Peppermint Mocha

peppermint mocha

Heat a 1/2 cup of milk with 1/4 teaspoon unsweetened baking cocoa and 1 to 2 teaspoons maple syrup or agave nectar. Mix with 3/4 to 1 cup espresso or strongly brewed coffee (depending upon if you want it more coffee-y or milk-y). Add JUST A DROP of peppermint extract. You can always add more, but start with *way less* than you think you need.

Obviously, the recipe can be easily doubled, etc.


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes, another Non-Themed Edition

  1. While Josh Ritter is indeed great (and has a new album coming out March 5th!), I’m sure you mean Jason Ritter on Parenthood. :) Although I REALLY didn’t like how that storyline/plot played out – why does Sarah always make bad decisions/screw up her life?!

  2. i kinda forgot what ryan is getting his next degree in. do help? and i feel sorry for your poor catechism. augustine, at a young age started tearing books. Grace is only into 1 book on the shelf, Moral Philosophy, so we’ll see how long that book makes it. Sighhhh…..

    • Ryan is getting his mechanical engineering degree. He currently works under the general umbrella of engineering, so the idea is that he’s getting a degree to correspond to his experience. Cessna is thankfully paying for it, so it’s a long process, but in the end we think it’ll be good for our family. And even though it’s a tough balancing act for him, Ryan is sincerely enjoying the studies, so that’s good.

  3. Philomena’s just ‘tearing through” that Catechism, huh? ;) (sorry, lame joke). I understand the feeling. We’ve lost many good books throughout the years…another reason I’m liking the ebooks.
    Parenthood–yup, same thoughts! I really love that show. Sarah really frustrates me. Oh I loved that episode when Julia comes to visit Kristina when she’s smoking pot and she just lays it to her straight instead of trying to sound all ‘fancy parenting’. The only thing that ‘bothered’ me (in a dumb nitpicky way) is that they didn’t really explain how Hattie suddenly understood that her mom was in the hospital since last she knew her mom was ‘cured’. Maybe they’ll tie that up in January—it seems so far and long to wait!
    Alaina’s bday is tomorrow so I liked your #3 a lot and agree, this side of pregnancy is nice :)

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