7 Quick Takes … yet again

7_quick_takes_sm1Once again, thank you Jen for encouraging my non-themed randomness of today.

1. One day. I want just one day that I don’t have to pull paper out of the baby’s mouth. Is this too much to ask?

2. I meant to share this last week, but I forgot. And that is pictures from the day-before-Thanksgiving tradition in my family, in which we make homemade cranberry sauce from scratch, and listen to the cranberries “pop!” I think the tradition started even before I was born, and my mom has countless pictures of my sister and me stirring the pot. We have continued the festivities with my nieces and nephews; this was Philomena’s first time doing cranberries, so of course we had to record it for posterity.

Attempting to capture five children looking happy while stirring a pot of cranberries is obviously an easy endeavor, as you can see below:



IMG_5328IMG_5326And the winner…

IMG_53303. As I have mentioned previously, Ryan and I are slowly trying to develop our own family traditions. We knew we wanted to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, of course. A friend of mine mentioned that in her family everyone gets new pajamas on St. Nick Day; and these will be the p.j.s they wear Christmas morning. I loved the idea, so Mena got new footsie jammies, and I even got Ryan a nice pair of pajama pants.

4. For the feast day I also made dark chocolate mint brownies with peppermint whipped cream. Oh. My. Oh. My. I can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe I’ll share the recipe on a Tasty Thursday.

5. So, we’ve kept the Advent decorations fairly simple, but I’m happy with them.

The mantle had greenery and lights, with a nativity set. I added some purple trim that I’ll change out for gold on Christmas Eve:



And the table just has a simple Advent wreath with a purple and pink table runner:


6. What’s that you ask? Is that a chalkboard on your mantle? Did you make that yourself? Why, yes I did. I’ll admit I’m rather proud of myself:


7. I know you can find directions anywhere on the internets on how to make one, but in case you care, it’s basically:

old picture frame + clean the glass well + spray primer + two coats spray chalkboard paint = trendy Pinterestness (make sure to allow ample dry time between each coat)



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