meal plan: week of Dec. 3

Really, it’s December 3? Not to be cliche, but how did this happen? Did November even exist?

Monday- a frozen soup, rescued from the bowels of my freezer. I think I’m going to try a version of this hummus bread, but I’ll probably switch out for more whole wheat flour.

Tuesday- baked ziti (doubled to freeze for some new Mamas) with salad

Wednesday- family dinner

Thursday- Asian carrot soup and lettuce wraps (I very loosely follow Pioneer Woman’s recipe) And probably a special dessert for St. Nicholas Day.

Friday-  brie and cranberry sauce grilled sandwiches (using bread from Monday and frozen cranberry sauce), with salads or frozen green beans

Saturday- Chicken enchiladas with mexican rice. Monica recommended this recipe that I’ll use for inspiration, but I’ll probably do homemade mushroom soup.


6 thoughts on “meal plan: week of Dec. 3

  1. Couple things:

    1. “bowels of [your] freezer” sounds kind of scary, although I’m sure it will be fine.

    2. I want a brie and cranberry grilled cheese RIGHT NOW. Yum

  2. By chance was the brie and cranberry grilled cheese inspired by the cranberry cheddar cheese this past weekend? Either way, I like the way you think! Also, I’ve made the chicken enchiladas and they are easily adapted to suit your tastes, so I’m sure the homemade cream of mushroom will work well for you. Do you do an actual cream soup, or do you use one of those homemade powder substitutes that you add liquid to that I’ve been seeing floating around the interwebs? (Sorry, interwebs is Matt-speak. Without him I would be completely cool and sophisticated at all times, never nerdy at all. Not one bit.)

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