Yes, another 7 Quick Takes



I’m feeling boring and uninspired today, so we’ll see if I make it to seven.

1. When going through old pictures, I found this beaut from about this time last year, when I was very, very pregnant. Keep in mind that we were surprised by the gender of the baby, but I just *knew* s/he was as a girl [aka, I really wanted a girl, but you’re not supposed to say that]. So, when I saw this graffiti, I insisted Ryan take my picture, just in case the baby ended up being of the female persuasion. This would have been really embarrassing if Philomena was a boy. [Cover the eyes of youngin’s who can recognize words.]

Boys Suck

2. Related, Mena now says “duck” (in reference to her rubber duckie), but she replaces the “u” with an “i” sound. It makes me laugh a lot, which makes her do it even more.

3. I’ll probably write another ramble-y post about it, but my current house DIY project involves figuring out a creative lighting solution for our dark, dark, dark (at night) kitchen. I thought Mr. Google and I had the perfect idea, but after wandering around Lowe’s with Miss Clingy for the majority of yesterday afternoon, when I got home I realized that pretty much nothing I purchased would work.

4. So, I had some wine.

5. I am really, really looking forward to Advent this year. Two years ago, I was in major wedding-planning-stress mode. And last year was kind of a blur, with the whole super-pregnant/overdue/laboring for a week nonsense. I know I should have been really united with Mary, just as she was waiting for her Son. And I tried, I really did, but it was tough. Anyway, my heart is longing for some peace and anticipation of Beauty. Ryan and I are discussing what traditions we’re going to start with our little family. I’ll let you if any end up working particularly well.

6. In the same vein, I have some Advent decor ideas, but they involve a little creativity, and my mind is almost creative-empty at this point. If I get around to them and feel confident enough in the outcome, I’ll take some pictures.

7. I just heard the coffeepot ding, so that’s my cue to end this most. boring. post ever. Jen’s are much more interesting. Go there.


4 thoughts on “Yes, another 7 Quick Takes

  1. I’ve been feeling much more relaxed, for the first time, this Advent, too! Like you, I was planning my wedding two years ago, and last year I was struggling to find a job while we lived on my husband’s grad student salary. So now, being grateful for a good job and decent income, I’ve been able to get most of my shopping out of the way already, which I’m hoping will let me really spiritually prepare for Christmas this time. I can’t wait to hear what traditions and ideas you come up with!

  2. Ok, so I just hopped over from Conversion Diary and have to tell you how much I love your blog! I (also) seriously was stopped in my tracks by your daughter’s name…love, love that name (and that saint) and have always wanted the guts to name one of my children that. As fate would have it, we only have had boys…and another girl name already picked out should we be surprised this third time around. *sigh* Maybe for another time??

    I’m excited for Advent too…b/c honestly, I’ve been Catholic my whole life and have never really observed it. Sad, lazy, lazy day. Blessings to you!

  3. Ha, better hide that picture if you ever have a boy. I’m sure it will be a lovely Advent in your new home and different season of life, even if those deco ideas don’t come to life after all.

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