yet another link-up: what my baby wore

Apparently, I can’t come up with creative blogging ideas on my own, so good thing there’s a wealth of link-ups out there. And I’m a total copycat/follower, undoubtedly.

Erika encouraged us to share what our babies are wearing today. Since Mena is usually dressed better than I am, this is a brilliant idea. Nothing like a cute baby to boost your own ego. [Self-centered much?]

A disclaimer: this outfit is certainly a little nicer than her usual playwear. This is because: a) I knew I was going to do this link-up today [I’m such a cheater]  b) I think we might actually leave the house today to run some errands and c) I really, really need to do laundry [this is the real reason].

She has the “don’t look at the camera” fashion photo thing down.

shirt: Carter’s

jacket: cousin hand-me-down

skirt: Target

leg-warmers: custom-made by MollieMaes herself

socks: Gap 

shoes: a gift, but they’re from Old Navy

fuzzies on legwarmers: compliments our shedding wool rug

blurry picture: her terrible photog mother


She is ready for her avocado-eating, board-book-reading, random-thing-chewing, stair-crawling (!!) day.


4 thoughts on “yet another link-up: what my baby wore

  1. Yay! Thanks for “following” along ;) she’s adorable as usual. It’s ok to cheat, I’ll probably do the same now but that’s ok. What a great way to do some promo for Marie, too!

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