7 Quick Takes…the ultimate crutch for a lazy blogger

1. I awoke around 2:30 Wednesday morning to a fireball of a baby. The initial temperature reading was 104, but when Ryan took it moments later, it was only 103.2. The thermometer  hates me.

2. My first foray into mothering a sick child left me undramatic, unwhiney, unworried, and totally chill about the whole situation. [Not.]

3. Philomena was quite literally attached to me for about 36 hours straight, save a blessed 15 minutes when she allowed her father to give her a bath, while her mother changed her puked-up-medicine-laden clothes. Apparently, Mena’s sophisticated palate will not tolerate medicine, even if it is stealthily hidden in applesauce, watered down in a sippy cup, or slipped into a bottle of Mama’s milk. Gagged up every. single. time. [TMI?] iphonepod-ed evidence of Her Highness, Duchess of Clingyville:

4. After a particularly dramatic doctor’s appointment [for me, the baby giggled the entire time- no joke], I decided to get a treat at the ‘ol Starbucks. I tried the salted carmel mocha for the first time. It was a resounding “meh.” I felt ashamed of the money I spent on such an underwhelming treat.

5. Speaking of drinks, last night I slipped some spiced rum into my hot apple cider. Now THAT, my friends, is a treat.

6. Speaking of last night, Ryan was gone, and you know that when we ladies are alone, things get pretty crazy. Evidence in the video below. Please excuse my make-up-less, exhausted self. [Also, my daughter is not a midget, but she slouches in her highchair, which gives a lovely floating-head effect.]

For some reason, the video wouldn’t embed in this post, but good thing it’s online too. Brace yourself for cinematic genius.

7. And I am sure you all care that my freak of a 10-month-old is now cutting her 9th tooth. We plan on serving steak on her 1st birthday.

p.s. I realized I never clarified that the baby is no longer sick. It was some sort of 24-hour virus-ish situation. So, if I see you or your kids today know that I am not maliciously exposing them to germies. Said germies have left the building. No fever in over a day.

Update: p.p.s. I forgot to link to Jen. Told you I was lazy.


6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes…the ultimate crutch for a lazy blogger

  1. ah. you must’ve had a bad barista — or I’m just a sucker for salted chocolate.

    kids being SICK IS THE WORST EVER AND YES I AM SHOUTING. I am a mean mom and I get the most annoyed bc it sets all of my sleep training back 89 years — bc my children are geriatric.

    • I love me some salted anything, but this was…blah. I’ll blame it on the 11-year-old barista. (I really think the SB at Central and Rock has some child labor issues. Or I’m just getting old.)

  2. I like your quick takes–they are actually quick! I tend to get too wordy. Glad Mena is better now. I HATE when our kids are sick. I’m the queen of second-guessing and worry when they are sick and tend to think of the worst-case scenarios. My kids always get better when I finally break down and call the doctor and then they think I’m just a crazy mom.

  3. clingy mena is pretty adorable. #2 really threw me off. for a second i thought you had found the magic answer to dealing with sick kiddos or that you had a lobotomy glad to know you’re still the sarah we know and love : ).

  4. Ahhhh, I am so glad Evie is not the only child who regularly pukes up medicine. Nasty. And Oh! The faces and gagging when i tried to hid it in the applesauce. I’m so glad Mena is feeling better.

    And for the latte — I’m a sucker for salted caramel things too, but the mocha part just doesn’t do it for me! Instead, I get a toffee nut latte. It’s the same drink sans the mocha. Something about Starbucks mocha leaves a grimy feeling in my mouth.

    Okay, that was all too much information.

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