7 Quick Takes…the third edition

Go to Jen for more interesting takes than these.

1. I told myself I couldn’t blog until I had ALL the laundry finished.

2. Buuuuuut, then I realized I’ll never have “all” the laundry finished, so I threw in one load and got on the computer.

3. My food of today has consisted of only carbs. Pizza – coffee – scone – pizza. In that order. I have pasta planned for tonight, so that will definitely balance everything out. No one ever mistook me for a cavewoman. [In your face, paleo.]

4. I know you don’t care about what I eat.

5. Speaking of eating, Ryan is helping some friends butcher chickens all day tomorrow. He is sincerely excited. [I am sincerely excited for him NOT to give me any details of the event, so I can enjoy our roast chicken next week in squeamish-free peace.] Whilst Ryan has his hands in bloody innards, I will once again be working on the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad red dining chairs. I had planned on doing a blog-tutorial-like thing about them, but like my birth story, it might be too traumatic to write out and publish for the world. We shall see. My mom declared that we WILL finish them tomorrow, no matter what. I have visions of bleary-eyed furniture waxing at midnight.

6a. I added some paper to the back of this cabinet to give it more interest. [By “I added” I actually mean my sister, because I can’t cut paper very well. I know, it’s weird. I think I was absent that day in Kindergarten.] I like how the mini-project turned out. I should have taken a “before” picture to add to the drama of the reveal, but I forgot. Ryan and I aren’t sure exactly what we’re going to put in it yet, but we’ve dug up a few things from the depths of our boxes:

[Why, yes, that IS a first-class relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.]

6b. This project is far from finished, but here’s a preview of my spice rack. Even incomplete, it makes me feel like I’m living in Real Simple magazine- a reality that both frightens me and makes me feel a little smug.

7. I woke up Wednesday morning, held my baby closely, and remembered that He is with us always, until the end of the age (Mat 28:20).


8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes…the third edition

  1. I wish there was a “love” button. This is great, Sarah. You always have enjoyable things to read while I should be doing other things (like care for my children -hehe :)

  2. I love that you were able to hold and appreciate your baby this morning; lack of sleep caused a slightly different (and alarming reaction according to my husband) in regards to our son. Luckily, I needed to leave for a few hours and came back more appreciative.

  3. I love the paper you put up in the bookshelf/cabinet. I’ve thought of doing that with our bookshelves in the family room. Where did you find that pretty paper?

    • Rome! :) (Sorry, I know that’s not much help to you). Having a relic is weird, in that I feel odd just putting it with other things on a shelf, but it’s small, so looks strange by itself. I’ve had it for 12 years, and I’ve never found a good “place” for it- so that it can be seen/reverenced, but not hurt by day-to-day activities

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