meal plan: week of Nov. 5

Monday- So, this summer at the height of veggie season I made a bunch of soups, which I then froze. I re-discovered them last week as I was organizing the freezer [I lead such an exciting life.] I’ve decided to start using them every Monday, along with trying a new-to-us bread-ish recipe to temper the anti-climatic-ness of vegetable soup.

Today’s selection is Moroccan Lentil Soup, with these cheddar whole wheat scones. [I’ll probably halve the recipe.]

Tuesday- family dinner, so I don’t cook, but I have some eggplant to use up, so I’ll probably make some baba ghanoush to snack on the rest of the week

Wednesday- a few friends have raved about this Lazy Sunday Casserole. I’ll switch up the veggies with what I have on hand, including a weird amount of daikon radishes that need to be used.

Thursday- pizza night is back. I think we’ll do one with marinara and Italian sausage; the other, with white sauce and veggies.

Friday- ww spaghetti with carmelized onions and spinach [Inspiration once again from the awesome book, Dinner: A Love Story.] It looks like a similar recipe can be found online here.


7 thoughts on “meal plan: week of Nov. 5

  1. Spaghetti here tonite, it’s been a good day so I actually made meatballs instead of just a ground beef/It. Sausage combo.

    I printed out the Lazy Sunday recipe. My hubby loves german sausage, and this looks like a great application for it.

    • My mother’s spaghetti and meatballs are legendary, so I don’t even attempt them. ;)

      The Lazy Sunday casserole was EXCELLENT. I splurged and got the really nice sausage from Yoder Meats. The recipe seems very versatile, in terms of the veggies you can use. I think any root vegetable (or maybe even fall squash??) would be yummy. *Word of warning* – line the pan with foil! Mine is soaking in the sink at this moment.

      • Ooooh, thanks for the tip on the foil. Although I will admit to laziness and say that foil is a normal part of my routine if I am cooking in a pan in the oven. Haha.

        Have you ever gotten sausage from Stroot Lockers in Goddard? That’s where we purchase ours and it is reallllly good. Price is pretty good too.

    • The scones were excellent! I was a little wary of the recipe, because I’ve never used yogurt (instead of cream) in scones. However, I was pleasantly surprised at their texture. I followed the recipe fairly closely, except I used waaaay less pepper, and they were still quite pepper-y. It’s definitely a keeper.

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