a “Community” Halloween

I honestly can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. I know I wore cat ears to class my freshman year of college, and my uber-serious South African priest-professor called me “whiskers,” a comment which pretty much made my year. And when I was teaching, Halloween always seemed to fall shortly after crazy-dress-up-every-flippin’-day Homecoming Week, so I was always creativity-ed out by the 31st.

However, now I am married to a costume enthusiast. Since we had a small social get-together to attend the night of Halloween, Ryan decided we had to have a “themed” family costume. It was pretty easy to think of couple costumes or baby costumes, but something for all three of us proved to be a challenge. Ryan really wanted something pop-culture-y, and I didn’t want to spend any money…or wear lots of face paint…or use hair dye…or sew anything…or look too weird.

Thankfully, Ryan thought of an idea that met all these standards. And it just so happened to feature his current-fav comedy TV show, “Community.”

Now, one of the major places where Ryan’s and my personalities differ is that one of my biggest fears in life is being misunderstood, whereas he delights in obscurity. This manifests itself in many ways, but a case in point regarding Ryan’s Halloween costume a couple years ago (to summarize his words): “when I was out, only one person knew who I was [Rorschach from “Watchmen”], but I could tell he *really* appreciated the costume. It was amazing.”

So, when he suggested we do this for Halloween, I said, “but no one will know who we are!” He gave me a big smile and replied, “exactly!” However, this idea was far better than our other options [let’s just say the second-best one involved characters from “Breaking Bad,” and I don’t think the grandparents would have appreciated the artistic nuances of carrying around a bag of fake crystal meth.]

Alright, I’m getting to ramble-y. I know you just want to scroll down to see pictures.

Jeff Winger on the show:


Annie Edison:


The monkey from Community [omitting its somewhat-inappropriate name for this family friendly blog]:

And our little monkey:

Isn’t the resemblance uncanny?

A sign that Ryan really loves me. He let me make NAMETAGS for our characters, complete with the Greendale logo. This is major progress, people.

More pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

[Please note that Mena grabbed my PURPLE PEN. For those who watch the show- aren’t we clever?]

[In this one, I was trying to do Annie’s Disney face, but I just ended up looking scary. Sorry.]

And you can never have enough pics of a 10-month-old in a monkey costume with a bow:



8 thoughts on “a “Community” Halloween

  1. My favorite part of your post: “Now, one of the major places where Ryan’s and my personalities differ is that one of my biggest fears in life is being misunderstood, whereas he delights in obscurity.” So insightful, and though I don’t know Ryan, I know people like this and, I don’t know, the contrast is just funny. Well put.

    Cute costumes and great post!

    • Aw, thanks Kim. Yes, I think this difference between us comes up most often in our humor. I explain my jokes over and over again, to make sure the humor came across, whereas Ryan refuses to ever explain a joke. As long as he thinks it’s funny, that’s enough.

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