meal plan: week of Oct. 22

 Sunday- spinach pesto pasta with sundried tomato chicken sausage

Monday- Mexican lasagna, with some sort of vegetable (salad?)

Tuesday- chicken and stuffing casserole; roasted carrots

Wednesday- family dinner

Thursday- homemade black bean burgers with sweet potato fries

Friday- sweet potato soup and homemade mac ‘n cheese [I very loosely follow this recipe, but substitute whole wheat noodles and I use half white cheddar/half chipotle white cheddar cheese.]

Saturday- sweet Moroccan-spiced chicken with braised radishes


4 thoughts on “meal plan: week of Oct. 22

  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    So is your pesto made of spinach or is there just spinach in the dish and pesto? Couldn’t tell by the title of the recipe. I recently made some pesto with parsley and it actually turned out really good.

    I wonder if your chicken and stuffing recipe is the same as mine. Ours was fair I thought.

    Do you have a recipe for the mexi lasagna?

    And since I am too lazy, I will comment here iPhone post…we just recently added texting to our phone plan, yes we are that behind the times. We just didn’t want to fork over the $$ for data, and honestly, like you, I just do not want to be that connected. It’s bad enough with the laptop…I just don’t have enough temperance for a smartphone. Your post was very well said.

    BLESSINGS, have a great week!!

    • Hello, Monica! Sorry for my vague meal plan. ;)

      Pesto- yes, I make pesto out of spinach. I use quite a bit (more than when using basil). Basically, a couple handfuls fresh spinach, a couple garlic cloves, salt, parm cheese, a few tablespoons almonds, a shake or two of hot pepper flakes, then I add olive oil until it blends well in the food processor. (Actually, last night we were out of olive oil- scandal!- so I used coconut oil, and it was yummy too.)

      Chicken and stuffing- I haven’t made it in years, but it’s a pretty oldschool recipe. I’ll make some homemade cream of mushroom soup, instead of the canned stuff.

      Mexican Lasagna- I actually made it a few weeks ago, but I doubled the recipe and froze half. I very, very loosely based it on a recipe I found in one of my mother’s magazines. I can’t find it online, but this is similar:

      :) And thanks for your comments on the iPhone post… Oh, I am still “connected” plenty, but the break from the phone has really helped me

      • Thanks!
        I’ll have to try the pesto with spinach sometime, we always have it on hand, it’s so easy (and healthy) to chop up and throw into just about any dish.

        I hesitated putting cheese in my pesto as I was worried it would shorten the shelf life…I made enough to last me 2-3 months in the fridge. Have you run into issues with that or does it still last OK?

        What kind of coconut oil do you use? We are pretty in love with Tropical Traditions.

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