DIY: a baby’s book of faces

Alright, the “DIY”  in the title is a bit of a misnomer. This is more of a simple idea than a do-it-yourself situation.

Like most babies her age, Philomena absolutely loves faces. Whenever one shows up in  her chew toys board books she smiles, touches it, and often yelps a little in glee. Also, I’ve heard that developmentally this is a good time to start pointing out “eyes,” “noses,” etc.

So, at first I had the idea to cut out a bunch of faces from magazines and somehow put them together in a book for her. However, then I thought that it would make much more sense to have a collection of faces that feature people close to her.

I recruited my husband to take good facial shots of everyone in our family (her grandparents, great-grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins). Then, I used my BFF, pixlr express, to overlay everyone’s names on the pictures.

I found a cheapo photo album from Target (silver glitter, no less!)…and voila! Philomena’s “Face Book.” [Please excuse this terrible, horrendous pun of a title.]

Mena seriously loves it. She touches the faces and ”talks” to them. It’s superbly cute. I also thought this book would be cool to use during family prayer time when she gets older to point out everyone for whom we’re praying.

The book:

Some sample pages:

Philomena enjoying it:

But then she noticed the camera:

[Can you tell I’m into collages lately?]


5 thoughts on “DIY: a baby’s book of faces

  1. very cute. i always meant to do that for my boys but never got around to it. i love the descriptive language you use in your post. “and often yelps a little in glee”. you get an A+

  2. Are you guys in Parents As Teachers?

    I think our educator was talking about something like this …. if you haven’t looked into it, you might consider it! The peeps I know in your city who are involved LOVE it! :)

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