meal plan: week of August 13

A few things:

1. I am a blogging slacker. I have no good excuse for this. However, I am using the home-buying process as my excuse for pretty much everything these days (overall crankiness, junk food binges, wine intake increase). We have a house under contract, but we’re still trying to negotiate some finer points. This is stressful. And takes a lot of time.

2. I would like you to note that I am doing my weekly meal “plan” after 5:00 on Monday evening. Apparently, I’m a domestic slacker too.

3. To be honest, I’d be happy merely eating Totino’s pizza all week, but like all things processed with unpronounceable ingredients, I’d probably end up sick. Aaaaand I have a refrigerator overflowing with produce from our CSA share.

So, here you go.

Monday- stuffed summer squash (based on this recipe)

Tuesday- roast chicken with carrots and parsnips. I’m going to veer from my tried-and-true recipe to attempt this one. Sauteed zucchini on the side.

Wednesday- big Asian salad with leftover chicken. It’s a major feast day, so I hope to do a nice dessert too. [Or maybe I’ll just buy some wine.]

Thursday- we’re celebrating Ryan’s birthday with my family and his parents. My mom is doing all the sides and dessert, but I am a sucker for overly complicated recipes, so I am trying this mammoth undertaking of a lasagna.

Friday- gazpacho…again (recipe inspiration here); bean burritos

Saturday- it’s Ryan’s birthday, so he gets to choose whatever restaurant food he wants. My bets are on MSG-laden Chinese.


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