meal plan: week of July 30

I know I’ve been quite remiss with these the past couple weeks. Our meals have been a bit “off,” primarily because Ryan was in Mexico last week.

After a major freezer purge, I am ready to get back on the meal-planning bandwagon.

Monday- curried red lentil and swiss chard soup (I’ll add some summer squash to it, just because I have so much); green salad on the side [Yeah, yeah…I know. Soup in over-100-degree weather is not normal.]

Tuesday- gazpacho, inspired (veeeeeerrrrry loosely) by this recipe; bean and cheese quesadillas (or maybe burritos)

Wednesday- stuffed zucchini with Italian sausage, marinara, and mozzarella

Thursday- family dinner

Friday- black bean soup; zucchini fries- inspiration here and here


2 thoughts on “meal plan: week of July 30

  1. ah. I neeeeeeeed to meal plan — maybe um next week.

    unrelated: Julia saw your banner and is insistent that Ryan is “Simon” (her father that she suddenly refers to by his first name) —- so there is that.

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