meal plan: week of july 2

This is another edition of “random ways to make good use of my CSA produce.”

Monday- caprese salad; some sort of kale/swiss chard soup (Inspiration here and here)

Tuesday- bulgar/feta-stuffed summer squash; green beans on the side

Wednesday- lots of family gatherings; I will bring a cliche berry trifle to one of them. I *might* try to make a from-scratch angel food cake, because I’m idiotic at times. (Maybe this recipe?)

Thursday- a pasta with lots of fresh tomatoes and basil. We’re having people over for dessert, so I’m going to make my favorite brownies of all time, topped with whipped cream and berry sauce. Also, I’m going to a recipe exchange later that night, so I am going to make this fruit dip.

Friday- pizza night- my favorite dough. I will attempt this zucchini pizza as one of them.

Saturday– chicken breasts and rice, topped with braised radishes


3 thoughts on “meal plan: week of july 2

  1. I really like this feature on your blog, and think I may start doing the same thing on mine. It’s always fun to see what others are cooking.

    • Thanks! You should do it!! Seriously. Maybe we can get other bloggers to join in and do a link-up type situation (no clue how that works, but I’m sure Mr. Google could help me).

      • DONE!!!
        Thanks, Sarah!
        (I have no clue on link-ups either…but it is a fun thought….) Keep me posted!!!

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