ashtray’s wedding

My junior year in high school I attended the birthday party of a friend. As she opened her gifts, for some reason all of them seemed to involve glitter- lotion, eyeshadow, butterfly hairclips. [Remember the late-90s when it was totally normal for non-seven-year-old girls to wear glitter and butterflies? I sure took advantage of that one, as several awkward formal dance pictures will attest.] Anyway, I found the many incarnations of glitter to be hilarious and began chuckling with each new present. No one else seemed to notice the pattern, however, until I caught the eye of a casual friend. Ashley and I both totally got the humor of the situation and began cracking up together.

My 17th birthday happened to be a couple weeks later, and Ashley stopped me in the hallway at school with a gift. At first, I was a bit taken aback, because we didn’t really know each other very well. She addressed the card to Sarah “Opal” Sheldon, as she didn’t know my middle name, but thought it would be cool to have S.O.S. as initials. The bag had glitter on it, as did the greeting card, and (you guessed it) every item in the bag- stickers, lip gloss, and the like.

I don’t know what it was about that little gift, but somehow it solidified our friendship. I think it was her thoughtfulness, coupled with our identical (albeit quirky) sense of humor.

[I’d like to point out for posterity that our first encounter was actually a play we did together when I was a freshman, and she was a sophomore. Her role was very controversial, because she played a teen-ager with AIDS. And I had a monologue about dysfunctional families. (Obviously very appropriate material for 15-year-olds.) Our second encounter was in drivers’s ed class. I knew her as the girl with purple hair, who wore a Beatles t-shirt. Waaaay beyond my level of coolness.]

Even though we went to different colleges in different states, and I lived outside of Kansas for most of my 20s, somehow our friendship has remained intact. She is still one of the most hilarious, stylish, creative, genuine, faithful people I know. Her (fantastic) tumblr attests to this.

I was honored to have her as a bridesmaid at my wedding: [Please excuse the extreme weirdness of this photo. She really isn’t a giant, and I’m not really a midget.]

Well, Miss Ashley got hitched this weekend. It was delightful.

This was my seventh time as a bridesmaid, and every wedding is so different. I would definitely describe this one as very “Ashley”- laid-back, no fuss, creative, casual-yet-classy, colorful.

Since Ashley is such a great blogger, I wanted to share with the internets some pictures of the day, but really, they’re pretty terrible, because: a. most of them are on my phone; b. even if I had the camera, I’m a terrible photog; c. there’s a disproportionate amount of “getting ready” pictures; d. my husband was at a bad angle to get any during the actual ceremony.

So, bear with me and know that the day was way more awesome than these pictures show. [Go ahead and laugh at their terrible-ness. I know Ashley certainly will be.]

Getting ready with Jessy, her maid of honor and all-around sweetest gal.

[FYI, Ashley and I go to the same hairstylist, and she’s seriously the best in Wichita. Kristin Wetta at Emily’s Salon. You’re welcome for the tip.]

Some of her down-home themed decor. Ugh, these pictures really don’t do the creativity justice.

I didn’t get a picture of myself with my bouquet, so naturally I took a picture of my husband holding it. [He looks thrilled, huh?]

The Ov Club represents. [Don’t ask.]

Friends 4-eva.

Honestly, we had a great time. The Catholic ceremony was simple, but beautiful. At the reception we drank well, ate delicious Thai food, and danced to Phish.

Ashley, I am so happy for you and Casey! Love, Serendipity.


2 thoughts on “ashtray’s wedding

  1. Sounds like a great time! I love the picture of the “Ov Club” whatever it is, it’s good to see you haven’t lost the “kids” in you. :)
    Oh and I LOVe Ashley’s hairdo! And your dress; beautifully done.

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