my husband is an old man

To wrap up my Father’s Day “series” [kind of] I thought I’d overshare more about my hubby.

Technically, Ryan is 11 months my junior [I am cougar; hear me roar]. But, actually, he’s pretty much a geriatric.

Allow me to prove this to you.

Top Ten Reasons My Husband is an Old Man

1. He wears hats. A lot of hats. Never baseball caps. Old man hats. The evidence abounds:

2. He drinks whiskey straight up. From a special glass that’s made for whiskey. Although he likes scotch and bourbon, he prefers “rye whiskey” as his regular drink of choice.

3. He shaves with this stuff (see below). Do you know what those items are? Nope, neither do I. However, they definitely scream “barber shop scene in a black-and-white movie.” [Related- he also makes his own cologne. That’s not necessarily old-man-ish, but I was reminded of this interesting tidbit when I was getting the shave things for this picture from the medicine cabinet.]

4. He wears *a lot* of argyle socks. From our wedding day:

5. He always carries a handkerchief. Often he carries two, so he has a spare to lend to people who never have tissues on hand [me].

6. He smokes a pipe. Like, the kind with the tobacco that smells amazing and reminds you of your grandfather.

7. He likes cardigans. [This photo also features his fondness for tie tacks.]

8. He wears those sunglasses that go *over* your regular glasses. Similar ones here. [When we were dating I used to tease him a lot about his sunglasses. During this period, we went to a family reunion, and one of my uncles- who is in his 70s, mind you- was wearing the *exact same* pair of sunglasses! I thought this was amazing and used it as fuel for my badgering of him. This did not deter Ryan in the least bit; in fact, I think it actually encouraged him to embrace the old man glasses even more.]

9. He likes bow-ties.

10. He loves actual records and uses his record player on a fairly regular basis.

[Lest you think I am a total jerk, I believe Ryan is actually proud of his octogenarian spirit. Despite my teasing, I like it too.]


8 thoughts on “my husband is an old man

  1. ha! funny stuff. but when your eyes are clouded with cataracts, you’ll be wishing you had sported the least aesthetic sunglasses ever made ; ) (sorry if that’s too graphic. my grandma wore those kind of sunglasses because of cataracts.)

  2. I think Daniel and Ryan would get along so well. Daniel stopped spending Sunday evenings ironing his handkerchiefs when we got married (he claims I corrupted him) but they still have to be folded precisely before they go in his pocket :)

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