missouri fam vacay circa 2012

My plan was to take copious amounts of instagram photos this past week while on vacation with Ryan’s extended family in Missouri. Then, I was going to plop them all onto a blog post to re-cap our time for generations to come.

But, alas, the ranch where we stayed not only lacked wi-fi, but it also had terrible phone reception. Doesn’t AT&T know I need more cell towers to facilitate lazy blogging? [Why didn’t I just take “normal” pictures with my phone (an action that requires no cell service)? I have no idea.]

And so, I will write a few highlights from the trip, so I can remember them years from now, when I am sure this blog will still exist. [That reminds me of something. When I spent a semester abroad in Europe during college, I sent my parents emails of my adventures. They printed all of them off and kept the tales in a folder. I remember rolling my eyes and explaining to their lack-of-internet-savy selves that this was totally unneeded. Aaaaand, 10 years later when that hotmail account is long gone, I am grateful for the folder. Moral of the story: I should print off all these posts. …but, that just seems silly. Right?]

– Despite my dramatic previous post, the baby was actual a decent traveler. I am sure it had nothing to do with myself and her Aunt Megan giving her constant, immediate attention every second.

– Philomena is turning out to be quite the extrovert. She doled out smiles and giggles with abandon, much to the delight of relatives of all types. One of these days she is going to figure out that raising your eyebrows and clapping really isn’t funny at all. Until then, we will enjoy her ignorance.

– Speaking of our social daughter, Ryan and I have decided that once she can walk, at future large gatherings, the two of us are just going to hole up in our rooms reading books, and we’ll send her out with notes to communicate with others. This way, we can be our anti-social selves, but the relatives can still interact with our offspring. It’s really a win-win for all.

– Mena is at that grab-every-freaking-thing-within-reach-with-her-freakish-baby-strength stage. A favorite object of such snatching just happens to be beer cans and bottles, which she takes quickly and immediately begins to lick. This activity, of course, evoked many wink-wink comments about her alcoholic parents’ “starting her young.” Little did they know about the indoctrination she’s been receiving from her craft beer loving Daddy. You should see her go to town on an IPA.

– This week marked her inaugural swim dipping of toes in a pool. We spent about 20 minutes slathering her in sunscreen, shimmying her into her suit, placing her hat perfectly. Then there was 15 minutes of taking pictures. This led to about 10 seconds in the actual pool before she began pathetically crying. It was really surprising that she didn’t like swimming, because she hates baths, and pools are obviously very different from bathtubs. Only colder. We captured this iconic event on video, but I don’t feel like figuring out how to post it right now. But, I can re-cap it for you: apprehension, toes curling, toes touching water, crying. [It’s thrilling.]

I was able to stand by a fence and hold up my phone to get some reception in order to instagram a couple pics of this happening. You’re welcome.

– All in all, it was a delightful week of family and relaxation. Ryan zip-lined and kayaked. I read, while letting other people hold our babe. We have another extended family vacay coming up way too soon. I’ll make sure to let you in on the captivating details of that sure-to-be adventure.


5 thoughts on “missouri fam vacay circa 2012

  1. Sounds like a pretty good time all in all. sounds like you got to enjoy some vacation time yourself :) So you can’t just take pics with the phone and save them?
    Also, did you know you can export your blog as a file and save it to your computer? That might save some paper and ink…
    Our kids HATED water (bathtime) for a LONG time too, but now they all really like it for the most part.

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