meal plan: week of May 21

Monday– bierocks. I’ll use this recipe for the filling, but I’ll use my favorite roll recipe for the outside (I switch the amount of white and whole wheat flour and add a tablespoon of vital wheat gluten).

Tuesday– using the cabbage leftover from the bierocks, we’ll do this bean/cabbage/potato skillet. It looks boring, but we loooove it.

Wednesday– family dinner (aka, my mother generously cooks for all of us)

Thursday pizza night. This is my all-time favorite crust recipe (I’ll double it). I think I’ll do one with red sauce and Italian sausage (because i have some in the freezer) and one veggie pizza with spinach pesto.

Friday hummus, falafel, and tabouli with pita. [Does anyone have a good recipe for homemade pita, preferably whole wheat? Every time I’ve tried, it’s turned out very lackluster.]

Saturday– We have a get-together that is Mexican-themed. I’m bringing homemade guacamole with salsa and chips.


8 thoughts on “meal plan: week of May 21

  1. LOVE the return of weekly meal plans! :)

    I made bierocks last week! Then froze those bad boys …. w/ the dough I used, it was actually better after freezing and reheating, which seems strange, but we yeast-free girls gotta get creative!

  2. We’re having pizza tonite, I have a basic recipe I always use for crust (in my breadmaker) but I think I’ll give this one a try, thanks!!

    We had hummus yesterday, yum! And beirocks are a every month or two occurrence around here as well.


  3. Oh man I should have snuck over on Monday! I don’t know what it is about bierocks but I LOVE them but have never actually made any myself. Maybe I’ll try this next week. (Or feel free to bring any extra over ;) )

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