the day for mothers … including me

Technically, since the offspring was in-utero last year, this was not my first Mother’s Day. However, I milked it like it was, complete with lots of food from family and a husband who gave me a beautiful necklace [via Ali], cleaned, and changed countless diapers.  [Last year, to my husband’s credit, even though we hadn’t told anyone I was preggo yet, he did make the day special by gifting me with a copy of Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants aaaand by accidentally pulling a chair out from under me, causing me to dramatically fall to the floor of a busy restaurant in front of all of my family. I cried lots of tears, the result of both pain and hormones. If I never let that one go, I may just be treated this well every Mother’s Day from hereon.]

For posterity, I will gift you with a picture montage of Mother’s Day at my parents’ house. [My in-laws also had us over, but we forgot to bring the camera. Nevertheless, they love mothers just as much as my blood-parents.]

FYI, Ryan took all of these pics. Hope he didn’t want to use them on his blog. I forgot to ask. Oops. Oh well, it is my day after all. He can use all the pictures I will surely take on Father’s Day.

Camera Hams with Camera Ham-in-Training:


The baby doesn’t get any attention. Nope, none at all.

We tried to get a picture of Grandma with all the grandkids. It was obviously very successful.

Three generations … and a quiet moment with she-who-made-me-a-mom


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