Instead of just jumping into my writings on the world wide web’s wordpress [always attempting alliteration], I’ve decided to stop and be a bit introspective [on the anyone-can-access-internet, of course] about what I’m trying to do with sarahunfiltered.

Well, first, let’s be honest. This blog is hella filtered. Who am I kidding? No one wants my unfiltered thoughts. [I want to make a pie soon. – eschatalogical reality – coffee – pasturized versus homogenized – I am losing so much hair post-partumly that I should have saved it all to make into a wig. – If all salt is from the sea, why is only some of it labeled as “sea salt”? – high heels versus wedges – babies – What ever happened to Meg White? Jack seems to be doing well. – Mad Men – I can’t decide if Sigrid Undset truly intended Kristin Lavransdatter to be as annoying as she is. – mango season – I want to pray the stations of the cross, even though it’s Easter season. Is that okay? – cookie dough – I have a few gray *eyebrow* hairs. Seriously? – ranch versus bungalow – Why did I wait so long to watch the new BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? – lactogenic – Ikea]

I think part of what has stopped me from blogging in the past is that I feel overwhelmed at how underwhelming I am. I mean, my blogging self will never be as deep and pensive as Erika, or as varied and prolific as Karen, or as thoughtfully witty as Mary, or (never ever ever) as healthy as Maureen, or as hi-flipping-arious as Grace, or as cool-as-if-she’s-not-trying-at-all Ashley, or as wise as Smicha. Nor will I probably ever live long-term in Belize again, like Cathleen. And I don’t have as many interesting, beautiful kids as Erin. And Anna is just soooo creative and has such an eye for all things lovely [Thanks to her, I need tangerine and mint in my wardrobe now!]. Nor am I as sincerely open to the workings of the Holy Spirit as Ali [Read her story about adoption. Cry tears of joy. Buy a cute necklace to support her endeavor]. And, well, Alison is the unnecessary-scarf-clad Erma Bomback of the catechetical world. And why, oh why, did I not think of Crappy Pictures?

But, I am me. And this enough. [I hope.]

So, what this blog won’t be: It’s not my intention for this to be officially a “Mommy Blog” or a “Catholic Blog” or a “Food Blog” or a “Fashion Blog” or a “DIY Blog”…

but, the reality is that I am a Mother and passionately Catholic, and while no expert by any means, I love food. However, I’m not very fashionable anymore, and I can’t really do anything myself, so scratch those last two.

Thus, what this blog intends to be: I hope to give you a little glimpse of my life, a chronicle of learning to be a wife and mommy, while still trying to be myself- that is, a person who is broken, but has hope of Redemption. Like in real life, I’m often superficial, sometimes deep, so you’ll probably see some of both. Practically speaking, I like the tumblr-esque concept of just posting pictures, quotes, etc. instead of full-out blog entries, so I might do that from time to time. Also, I will probably re-instate the meal plans, because it helps me stay organized, and it’s a good way to keep track of recipes I try. Oh, and there will most definitely be a lot of vintage-effected pictures, simply because I think those are cool, and I recently discovered the amazingness of pixlr. Yes, I tend to get on the “cool/trendy” bandwagon at the end of its run, but then stay on for waaaay too long. [Excuse me while I go put some clever words on a picture of Ryan Gosling, exercise with zumba, listen to Adele, and wear some Toms.]

I fully realize that I may not have a lot of people who read this, except for maybe my mom. Well, actually, my mom doesn’t know how to “use the internet” very well, so  nevermind.

If you have read this far (hi!), I will congratulate you with a (vintage-tinted) picture to make your ovaries quiver. [Thank you for this awkward, yet weirdly appropriate expression, oh queen of all blogs.]


11 thoughts on “unfiltered…or?

  1. I think it’s definitely good not to overthink the blog. At its minimum (and probably maximum!), my blog is just a place to drop pictures and little glimpses of our day or week for family and friends who we don’t see everyday. Keeping in mind that those 10 people who stop by are thrilled with whatever I have make it easy (that an the Blogger app on my phone) for me just to do a drive-by with some pictures and a brief caption.

    Sometimes, throughout my day, I formulate great ideas for posts but by the time I get to the free time in the evening, I just don’t have the *umph* to put the pizzazz into it that I had earlier in the day. So, yet another clever, witty, and introspective post (or whatever illusions I have) stays in my brain another day..oh well! But if I were to just want those on my blog, I would NEVER have anything on my blog.

    Instead, what I have is a GREAT online photo album (which I have yet to put together even *one* photo album in real life!) of the past four years. And i can’t tell you how many times I’ll travel back to 2008 when my blog started and see how much fun it’s been. And sometimes just the drive-by posts with a simple picture and caption have been the best part of that trip down memory lane.

    So post whatever, no matter how unsophisticated or how brief and those of us who DEFINITELY will be following will love it!

    • That comment was from Kim B (from CA). Sorry, I had a wordpress account for a catechism class I taught and I forgot it was my username!

    • Thank you, Kim! I didn’t mention you in my musings, but I really really enjoy your blog too… Yes, the insightful posts, but just as much (and even more!) your beautiful, precocious kiddos. I wanted to run in the park with Michael and Matthew the other day. :)

  2. Oh wow. Thanks for mentioning me with all those lovely ladies!!

    I think I’m in denial over the fact that I have a blatant and annoying mom blog. I’m loving your blog and think little Mena is the prettiest babe in all of the land.

  3. Love it, Sarah! I, too, very recently started a blog but still have it set yo private because I am too chicken to let anyone else read it, though my thoughts, musings, purposes are very similar, near identical, to yours…. You are inspiring me. Perhaps soon I will make it public (gasp!)

  4. You do have fashion sense…..it just evolves IMO mommy fashion…..not talking yoga pants here, but genuine thoughtful outfits for your current place in life!

  5. yay! I LOVE this blog post and your new blog–especially the header photo–it’s so perfect!
    :) Just keep it real like this and it’ll be great. ;)
    Thanks for the mention by the way. It’s a little eerie how well you summed all our different personalities so well like that.
    I am very excited to continue following along with you.
    Oh and by the way I think you should have a totally unfiltered blog post day as that was rather fun to read. I too both loved/hated Kristin because of how annoying and dense she could be.

  6. I love your new blog, too. Your unfiltered thoughts are actually really entertaining :) It’s funny, I started my blog as a knitting blog and it has gone through several different phases the last 5 years- knitting blog, keeping up with family back home, journal of my kid’s milestones/ challenges, photo album, place to put my thoughts about mothering especially but sometimes just life. I am not sure I could categorize it, but I like it and I am glad that I have it. I can’t wait to “hear” more of your thoughts (unfiltered or otherwise) and see more cute pictures of Philomena.

  7. give yourself more credit sheldon, you’re a funny kid. (when i’m tired i turn into a grumpy old man-hence the tone of that statement.) this post made me crack a smile at least three times. leave out any pw references and you will be most pleasing to me ; ) miss mena is always welcome. (in my tired old man-ness, i really want to call her baby phil, but refrained. until now, obviously. sorry. she’s so beautiful, cute, adorable, she could totally carry an awkward nickname and make it work. she’s a hipster in the making.) old man signing off and going to bed.

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